Battery Backup

Conserve with a Battery Backup

There's No Compari-Sun

Adding a battery backup to your solar installation pays off in no time. When you install a battery backup, the excess energy that your solar panels produce can be stored and conserved to use on a day when you get less sun or have a power outage. Battery backups can keep the lights on and keep your home or business safe from outages. The future is BRITE!

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Work with Local Solar Energy Companies

Harness the Solar Power

Solar energy comes from the sun, harnessing its power to create a renewable energy source. With endless power comes endless opportunities! Solar panels convert the energy absorbed from the sun into electricity to provide your home with power for electronics, appliances, and more.

No need for hassle; solar energy companies will install solar panels onto your existing roof if it's compatible to make sure that it covers the surface that sees the most sunlight each and every day. Direct sunlight provides more power!

We recommend installing a battery backup to couple with your solar panels so you can store energy. In the event of power outages, you will have an energy reserve that can keep your home or business operating like normal! Switching to residential renewable energy is as simple as scheduling an appointment with Brite and providing past energy bills. Leave the rest up to us!

Solar Panels for Your House

Advantages of Solar Energy

Lower Electric Bills

Own your power with solar. When you install solar panels, your electricity bills can shrink or even disappear thanks to the solar process.

Watch your money grow more and more thanks to solar panel installation.

Higher Property Values

Build equity when you get a solar panel installation. Renewable energy not only saves you money, but it can make you money by adding to the resale value of your property.

Sustainable Energy

Control your own power instead of relying on big-name energy companies. Sustainable energy means you can help future generations by protecting the climate.

For energy that cannot be depleted, switch to solar!

Backup Power

When coupled with a battery backup, you can store the excess energy generated by your solar panels. On days when your property doesn't get much sun or a power outage occurs your backup power will get you through!

Environmental Benefits

Did you know that going solar is a more sustainable way of generating power? Reduce your carbon footprint when you switch to solar energy.

You can feel good about your impact on the environment each and every day.

Tax Credits

Solar energy systems installed from 2022 to 2032 make you eligible for up to a 30% tax credit. Making the switch to solar energy saves you money in many more ways than one.

Make the switch and watch your money grow before your eyes.

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Opt for a Battery Backup

Cloudy Days, Sunny Savings

When switching from conventional electric systems to solar, coupling it with the battery backup is where most people save big. Battery backup systems are intended to collect the excess energy that your solar panels have absorbed. This kind of storage means you are still saving even on cloudy days, or even through power outages. When you couple your solar installation with a battery backup, you can see the ultimate returns on your solar investment.

Brite solar works for you to scout out the best rates for the best solar systems so you can sit back, relax, and save money every month. We make sure to do a thorough assessment of your home to determine the best fit for you, including the battery backup bundles. Our mission is to help you start saving by using sustainable solar energy to power your home or business. To learn more about solar energy and battery backups, give your local Brite representative a call to set up your appointment.

The future is Brite.
Watch your electricity
bills dwindle without
lifting a finger.


Residential Solar

Commercial Solar

Battery Backup


Residential Solar

Obtain renewable energy for your home. Not only will this make an environmental impact, but it can save you money on your monthly electricity bills in a practical, proven way.

Commercial Solar

Business expenses add up. Save big with Brite Solar. For businesses looking to reduce their energy bills by up to 75% while also leaving less of a carbon footprint, you need solar panel installation.

Battery Backup

Solar has the potential to generate an excess of power. Battery backups store that extra energy in the event of power outages. Keep your home protected and safe with backup batteries.


BRITE also works with solar finance companies nationwide to offer affordable loan options to people looking to switch to solar panel installation for their homes. We always offer the most competitive rates and have access to the best finance options in the nation! Most of our clients are able to make the switch to solar with NO MONEY DOWN. Say what?!

Make easy payments with a trusted partner.

Brite Solar is fully committed to providing the best customer experience and has invested heavily in both support and customer care resources to ensure that our customers have a consistent, dependable experience for decades to come. Our commitment to our customers and partners does not end when your solar panels begin producing cost-efficient, clean energy. Brite's experts are ready and trained to service and support your system when called upon.

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